Thursday, July 3, 2014

Off The Record (7.1.14)

I have been doing the Off the Record music podcast for about a month now. It is starting to gain some traction and it's pretty fun to do.
As you may or may not have noticed, I have dropped the "Otter Limits" from the name in an attempt to somewhat separate the music podcast from my political podcast.
If you are a fan of local Oklahoma music, past and present, I think it's definitely worth checking out.
Here is the song list from last night's show:
Blaster - No Restraints
Subsanity - Irreperable Ignorance
5 Star Gravy - Ole Sweety
Boxcar Children - Surviving the Impossible
Broken Cross - Do You Want to Die
Code 22 - I Don't Really Miss You
Costanzas - Drinking Myself to Death
Kinda Creepy - Joke
Pulpit Red - Rockets
Euclid Crash - Girl Talk
James Bond Dracula - Damage
Real Ones - Christine
Red City Radio - The Benefits of Motion
Roustabouts - Fall Into Line
The Easy Lovers - Hard To Get
They Stay Dead - Darkness
Truckside Down - $500 Fight
And here is a list of upcoming shows that I talked about on the show:
Sunday July 5 - Stepfather Gets Mohawk with You-Phoria and The Quiet Things @ Leons Lounge
Thursday July 10 - The Whippoorwills with Pychotic Reaction and The Easy Lovers @ The Deli in Norman
Friday July 11 - Dudes of America with Bring Your Finest @ Leons Lounge
Saturday July 12 - Show for My Bro Benefit @ the Industrial Skate Park in Norman. Benefit for a local dude with leukemia. Bands list: Cultrix, WMD, Justice Keeper, 5 Star Gravy, Overdoze, Chokehole, Stab, The Psychopaths, The Strugglers, Lotta Tuff, Kick Nancy Down, Bodanga, Body Breakers, Kinda Creepy, Limp Wizurdz, Constanzas, and John Wayne's Bitches.
Sunday July 27 - Kinda Creepy with Albatross and Bodanga @ the Red Brick Bar in Norman
Saturday August 2 - They Stay Dead @ the Hilo Club
Friday August 8 - The Dwarves with Riverboat Gamblers @ OKC Farmers Market
Friday August 22 - Summer Nationals Tour
Saturday September 13 - DRI @ Leons Lounge
Monday, November 17 - Slayer with Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus @ the Bricktown Events Center
Thursday November 20 - Misifts @ The Chameleon Room

Be sure and check out the podcast LIVE every Tuesday at 7pm CST!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Off the Record (6.17.14)

Just finished the third episode of Otter Limits Off the Record.

Word about the show seems to be going around now and I'm starting to get more listeners so that's pretty cool.

Here is a list of the upcoming shows that I announced on tonight's podcast:
6/19 - A Wilhelm Scream with Red City Radio and They Stay Dead at the Conservatory
6/23 - Andrew Jackson Jihad with Cheap Girls at the Conservatory
6/27 - Arliss Nancy at the Conservatory
6/27 - Rotten Blue Menace with Chokehole Stab, Bloodrush, and 5 Star Gravy at the Industrial Skate Park in Norman
6/28 - Billy Joe Winghead with Kinda Creepy at the Hilo Club
6/30 - Crazy Love Hawk at the Conservatory
7/5 - Stepfather Gets Mohawk at Leons Lounge
7/10 - The Whippoorwills with Psychotic Reaction and The Easy Lovers at the Deli in Norman
7/12 - Show for My Bro Benefit at the Industrial Skate Park in Norman
7/27 - Kinda Creepy with Albatross and Bodanga at the Red Brick Bar in Norman
8/8 - The Dwarves at Leons Lounge
9/13 - DRI at Leons Lounge
And here is the song list that was played:
The Easy Lovers - Hard to Get
WMD - God and Liberty
Euclid Crash - Girl Talk
The Constanzas - Drinking Myself to Death
Truckside Down - Things Eat Other Things
Same Day Service - OK Alright
Red City Radio - Don't Be a Hero, Be a Friend
Star of Tragedy - Skin
Otisburg - Doughnut Riot
Traindodge - Rusted Lincoln
3 Dates Later - Cowboys and Businessmen
The Roustabouts - Self Destruct
Kinda Creepy - Kinda Creepy
John Moreland - Avalon
The Lunch Bunch - Leave Me Alone

Be sure to check it out next week too. Tuesdays at 7pm CST.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Off The Record Begins

Tonight was the inaugural edition of the new music-only podcast, Otter Limits: Off the Record.

Tonight's was a short episode since I was just trying out this new podcast to see if it was worth trying to do. Based on the initial numbers, it appears to have been a decent success.

I talked about some upcoming local shows and will continue to do that on further episodes.

Here is a list of the show announcements I mentioned tonight:
Wednesday June 11 - The Courtneys @ the Conservatory
Thursday June 12 - Black Flag @ the Oklahoma City Farmers Market
Sunday June 15 - Blood on the Dance Floor @ Conservatory
Thursday June 19 - A Wilhelm Scream with Red City Radio and They Stay Dead @ Conservatory
Monday June 23 - Andrew Jackson Jihad with Cheap Girls @ Conservatory
Tuesday June 24 - Diarrhea Planet @ Conservatory
August 16 - Code 22 with 3 Dates Later at VZDs
August 22 - Summer Nationals Tour with Bad Religion, Pennywise, Offspring, Stiff Little Fingers and others @ the Downtown Airpark in Oklahoma City
And here is a list of the songs that I played on the show tonight:
"Transmission" by They Stay Dead
"Playing Chess with a Hammer and a Hacksaw" by Lakeside Manor
"Blindness" by Code 22
"The Academy" by 3 Dates Later
"Blah Blah Blah" by WMD
"Killer Be Killed" by Dudes of America
"Bobby No Morals" by Same Day Service
"Hey Jennifer" by Otisburg