Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Off The Record Begins

Tonight was the inaugural edition of the new music-only podcast, Otter Limits: Off the Record.

Tonight's was a short episode since I was just trying out this new podcast to see if it was worth trying to do. Based on the initial numbers, it appears to have been a decent success.

I talked about some upcoming local shows and will continue to do that on further episodes.

Here is a list of the show announcements I mentioned tonight:
Wednesday June 11 - The Courtneys @ the Conservatory
Thursday June 12 - Black Flag @ the Oklahoma City Farmers Market
Sunday June 15 - Blood on the Dance Floor @ Conservatory
Thursday June 19 - A Wilhelm Scream with Red City Radio and They Stay Dead @ Conservatory
Monday June 23 - Andrew Jackson Jihad with Cheap Girls @ Conservatory
Tuesday June 24 - Diarrhea Planet @ Conservatory
August 16 - Code 22 with 3 Dates Later at VZDs
August 22 - Summer Nationals Tour with Bad Religion, Pennywise, Offspring, Stiff Little Fingers and others @ the Downtown Airpark in Oklahoma City
And here is a list of the songs that I played on the show tonight:
"Transmission" by They Stay Dead
"Playing Chess with a Hammer and a Hacksaw" by Lakeside Manor
"Blindness" by Code 22
"The Academy" by 3 Dates Later
"Blah Blah Blah" by WMD
"Killer Be Killed" by Dudes of America
"Bobby No Morals" by Same Day Service
"Hey Jennifer" by Otisburg

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