Thursday, July 3, 2014

Off The Record (7.1.14)

I have been doing the Off the Record music podcast for about a month now. It is starting to gain some traction and it's pretty fun to do.
As you may or may not have noticed, I have dropped the "Otter Limits" from the name in an attempt to somewhat separate the music podcast from my political podcast.
If you are a fan of local Oklahoma music, past and present, I think it's definitely worth checking out.
Here is the song list from last night's show:
Blaster - No Restraints
Subsanity - Irreperable Ignorance
5 Star Gravy - Ole Sweety
Boxcar Children - Surviving the Impossible
Broken Cross - Do You Want to Die
Code 22 - I Don't Really Miss You
Costanzas - Drinking Myself to Death
Kinda Creepy - Joke
Pulpit Red - Rockets
Euclid Crash - Girl Talk
James Bond Dracula - Damage
Real Ones - Christine
Red City Radio - The Benefits of Motion
Roustabouts - Fall Into Line
The Easy Lovers - Hard To Get
They Stay Dead - Darkness
Truckside Down - $500 Fight
And here is a list of upcoming shows that I talked about on the show:
Sunday July 5 - Stepfather Gets Mohawk with You-Phoria and The Quiet Things @ Leons Lounge
Thursday July 10 - The Whippoorwills with Pychotic Reaction and The Easy Lovers @ The Deli in Norman
Friday July 11 - Dudes of America with Bring Your Finest @ Leons Lounge
Saturday July 12 - Show for My Bro Benefit @ the Industrial Skate Park in Norman. Benefit for a local dude with leukemia. Bands list: Cultrix, WMD, Justice Keeper, 5 Star Gravy, Overdoze, Chokehole, Stab, The Psychopaths, The Strugglers, Lotta Tuff, Kick Nancy Down, Bodanga, Body Breakers, Kinda Creepy, Limp Wizurdz, Constanzas, and John Wayne's Bitches.
Sunday July 27 - Kinda Creepy with Albatross and Bodanga @ the Red Brick Bar in Norman
Saturday August 2 - They Stay Dead @ the Hilo Club
Friday August 8 - The Dwarves with Riverboat Gamblers @ OKC Farmers Market
Friday August 22 - Summer Nationals Tour
Saturday September 13 - DRI @ Leons Lounge
Monday, November 17 - Slayer with Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus @ the Bricktown Events Center
Thursday November 20 - Misifts @ The Chameleon Room

Be sure and check out the podcast LIVE every Tuesday at 7pm CST!!

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